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Green Liberty Notes

This crowdfunding campaign was launched by CGB Green Liberty Notes LLC, a Connecticut Green Bank subsidiary, to allow more citizens to invest in our mission of confronting climate change while helping support small businesses in Connecticut. The offering features a lower minimum investment than Green Liberty Bonds, and, as a result of the climate benefits associated with this program, the offering has been reviewed and verified for its environmental attributes by Kestrel Verifiers.

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Green Liberty Bonds

In order for us to confront climate change and provide all of society a healthier and more prosperous future, we created the Green Liberty Bond, a lower-dollar denomination way for people to directly invest in Connecticut’s green energy economy. Our inaugural issuance in July 2020 successfully sold out in two days, with more than $16 million of bonds being sold to retail and institutional investors. Our second issuance in 2021 sold nearly $25 million in bonds in two days. We are planning to issue our next Green Liberty Bond to support Connecticut projects in 2022.

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Capital Solutions

Through the Capital Solutions program, the Connecticut Green Bank seeks proposals from developers and others in need of capital to support established technologies and well-established manufacturers of emerging technologies. All proposals must support Connecticut’s goals for clean energy deployment and energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gases, improved public health outcomes, job creation and economic development.

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